Katie. 21. Actress/dancer/performer. I love avocados, chai tea, and yoga. This is my blog dedicated strictly to my journey to better health, wellness, & fitness. This is meant for me but if I can help inspire other people on the way, I'd really love to :)

Height: 5'6"
SW: 143.6
GW: 125

CW: 129.4


Vanilla oatmeal flax seed pancakes with banana, warm berries, almond butter and honey yum :)

Ginger citrus soba & snow peas / Recipe

14 lbs down.

And it feels so goooooood….


superfood smoothie! banana, cacao, spirulina, chia, blueberry protein smoothie pow pow 💪👊💥


Tomato stuffed with:
red bell pepper
green onions
nutritional yeast
salt & pepper
Baked at 375 for about 20-30 minutes, or until the quinoa and kale on top look crispy and delicious.
Tofu pressed, then marinated in:
fresh lemon juice
lots of black pepper
Grilled until there were nice sear-marks. 

One of the best things that comes with warm weather is the ability to cook with the freshest ingredients. There’s nothing better than a really juicy peach straight from the tree, or fragrant basil finally poking its leaves through the ground. (The latter finally happened for us!)  This recipe is all about paying homage to whole ingredients - there are a total of just FIVE in this, but the result is incredibly flavorful and light. 
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(via “Nutella” Granola {vegan gluten-free} | Ari’s Menu)

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Don’t forget to stretch~

THIS^^ This is something that should be on every fitblr’s blog